Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Advanced standing credits may be awarded in subject fields where JCCC offers comparable courses or curricula. A maximum of 30 hours of credit may be awarded through different non-traditional options, such as; portfolio evaluation, testing programs, certificate evaluation and armed services experience evaluation.

Academic Achievement Center
  AAC 100 Study Skills (1cr)
  AAC 101 Study Skills Mini-Course (1cr)
  AAC 102 Basic Spelling (3cr)
  AAC 103 Advanced Spelling (1cr)
  AAC 104 Reading Comprehension (1cr)
  AAC 105 Reading Rate (1cr)
  AAC 106 Vocabulary Development (1cr)
  AAC 112 Basic Math Review (1cr)
  AAC 113 Algebra Preparation (1cr)
  AAC 114 Chemistry Preparation (1cr)
  AAC 115 College Skills Development (1cr)
  AAC 120 Individualized Study (1cr)
  AAC 121 Individualized Study (2cr)
  AAC 122 Individualized Study (3cr)
  AAC 125 College/Life Success (3cr)
  AAC 135 Career/Life Planning (3cr)
  AAC 150 Job Search Skills (1cr)
  ACCT 109 Basics of Income Tax (1cr)
ACCT 111 Small Business Accounting (3cr)
  ACCT 121 Accounting I (3cr)
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